Narration for Encyclopedia Brittanica

PBS - Native America - Music - Emmy Nomination

Interview & Music for Native American Outreach

       Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Music Video - Missing You - MMIW Campaign

Narration & Music:  The Creation Story - Ganondagan

Sound Track - Pride of a Nation Spirit Game

Sound Track - The Medicine Game/PBS

Sound Track - Year of the Rat - Indie Film by Ron Campise

Global Link TV Music Sound and the Sacred

Native Americans in Stamps - US Postal Museum Narration

What Are We Fighting For - Music Video (Best Music Video - American Indian Film Insitute

American Outrage Sound Track  (Our Land Our Life) Winner of 15 International Awards - Dan Sisters - Shoshone

TRANSAMERICA - Composition

National Museum of the American Indian - Smithsonian - Animations (Music for ExhibitsNAIHC - Elders Housing - Theme Song/Narrator

The First Americans - Documentary - Host/Narrator

Wolves - IMAX

Bears - IMAX

Shadow of the Crow Film - Music Composition

A Seat at the Table Documentary- Narrator

Indian In The Cupboard - CD/ROM Sound Track

CBS - "Northern Exposure" 4 Series

HBO - Rez Films Ltd., Dance Me Outside - Composition

Discovery Channel:  How the West Was Lost - Composition

Discovery Channel/CBC - War Against the Indians - Composition

TNN:  Music City Tonight - Crook & Chase - Appearance/Composition

CNN:  The Larry King Show - Composition

PBS:  Honorable Nations - Composition

This Land is Our Land - Composition

Everything Has a Spirit - Composition

Indian Time II - Fly With Eagles - Appearance - Composition

FOX:  Not Necessarily the News

National Cancer Instittute:  Taking Control of your Health - Composition

Naturally Native - Film - Composiiton

EPA Educational Video:  Teaching Enviornmental

Native American Ethics Through Traditional Legends

NY State Museum - "We're Still Here" Documentary - Composition

Iroquois Museum - Faces of the Iroquois - CompositionM

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