Dec 2017 – Update!

Prayers & Miracles Welcome!  Please Share! 

Photo by Doug Wonders - 2016

LOVE and Prayer is such power!!!  I have not yet had a Liver transplant, but am still on the list for a transplant with the Mayo clinic. The doctors say that I will need to have the transplant, but that my overall health is improving. I am still in need of financial support, as all associated expenses have been quite high. We are seeking your prayers and financial help if you are in a position to either share my story and music with friends and/or help to spread the message to those who may have had some inspiration in some way through my work.  Every little bit helps.   Contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Checks or money orders can be mailed to:  Joanne Shenandoah, Box 450, Oneida, NY  13421 or Americu, 280 Genesee Street, Oneida, NY  13421. Credit card deposits made to Paypal: under  Or, you can direct people to

You may have already read about my renal failure, compromised immune system coupled with a fatty liver, which attacked my health to a point where a virus called CDIFF and double pneumonia shut me down.   I’m so grateful for the quality of medical care of the Mayo Clinic because the disease had nearly blinded me for life and required a series of operations.  You can see from my smile that I believe Creator has kept me alive to continue my work.

I apologize I have not had the time to thank each of you personally who have already been so gracious to help me by sending a note of thanks and/or made a contribution to the extensive finances.  

With humble gratitude, peace and strength, 

Joanne Shenandoah

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